About Us

Omoguru consists of experts, companies, and institutions whose main goal is to develop tools which make reading and studying easier for people with dyslexia and other reading disorders.

petar reic

Petar Reić is a designer and communications specialist and founder of the visual communications laboratory Omoguru. He became interested in the inclusive design because his daughter and wife have dyslexia.

marko hrastovec

Marko Hrastovec graduated from the Zagreb School of Design and finished the postgraduate programme Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He is the founder of Hot Type studio which deals with typeface designing, lettering and typographic design. He is the co-author of multiple digital typefaces, the most notable being the official typeface of the Louvre museum in Paris. He is the author of several published digital typefaces for which, he was awarded the prestigious certificate Typographic Excellence by the Type Directors Club from New York in 2016. He designed the first version of the OmoType font in 2018.

nino bodac

Nino Brodač is a typographer and graphic designer. He is the founder of DAGGERtypo in 2019 and has since then mostly focused on developing typographic solutions. He contributed to OmoType in 2020 with the OT Carta and OT Carta Straight fonts.

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