Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

OmoLab komunikacije d.o.o., a visual communications company („OmoLab“, “we”, „our“), hereby undertakes to protect personal data of users of the following websites:,,, and Omoguru Reader mobile application. Any personal data we gather is used to aid the provision of our products/services. All personal information collected is safely stored and available only to employees whose jobs require access to such information. All OmoLab employees are under obligation to respect the principles of privacy protection.

We value your privacy.

OmoLab komunikacije d.o.o., visual communications company is located at:

Avenija Dubrovnik 15/12, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: 00385913352836


Use of Cookies

The use of cookies on the following websites:,,,

Cookies are small files which a website stores to user’s computer or mobile device. It allows the website to track users as they navigate different pages on a website, and their usage. Most browsers use cookies, however, a user can at any point choose to delete or block cookies in the settings menu. Our websites use Google Analytics Cookies which are used to collect data to measure user interactions on the website in order to improve its usability. Cookies collect data anonymously, without storing personal information, and disclosing the identity of individual user. If you continue using our websites without changing your cookie settings, you automatically agree to the use of cookies.

Data collection and usage

OmoLab protects your privacy. When a particular process demands a requested service to be fulfilled, we shall use only the information you provide voluntarily. Your information is not shared with any third party for any purpose not stated in this Privacy policy. This Privacy policy, together with Terms and Conditions published on our websites, stipulate general rules for using our websites. Depending on your activities in the course of using our mobile application, and/or websites, you may be required to agree to additional terms.

Aggregate statistics

OmoLab may collect statistical data on the behaviour of its website users and make them publicly available. OmoLab does not publish any information that allows for identification of an individual.

Web shop web shop can be accessed without registration. We neither store credit card information, or any information of such kind, nor do we process this type of data on our websites; this information is processed via encrypted websites of our third party partners, but we are not able to either access, or store this data.


Making a reservation, or purchasing a product in web shop, requires entering personal information of the reservation holder (name, address, phone number etc.). This information is used only for the purpose of service provision. The information on payment, credit card number etc. are encrypted, and as such available only to banks and credit card companies in order for payment to be authorized.

Personal data transfer

To carry out the purchase, as well as the delivery of the product, your information may be shared with distribution services providers we cooperate with. The provider of distribution services may request the user to present a personal identification document, and/or make a record of particular information the document contains in order to carry out the delivery. If the user refuses to provide such information necessary for the delivery, the product cannot be delivered. Personal data is stored and processed only as long as it is necessary for the purpose set out it in Privacy policy to be fulfilled.

Mobile application

Omoguru Reader mobile application can be used with registration. The data needed for registration purposes shall be used exclusively for the purposes of improvement and analysis of Omoguru Reader application, and is not sent to third parties. As is the case with Aggregate statistics, OmoLab may publicly display this information, with the exception of that which can identify an individual.

The right to delete personal information

You are entitled at any time to demand your personal information be deleted. You may exercise the right by sending a request to, and your personal data will be removed without delay, unless there are reasons which preclude immediate deletion, such as a legal obligation to retain the information.

The right to object

If you consider that, in the course of processing your personal data, we committed any violation of Croatian or European regulation on data protection and privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us at Additionally, you can file a complaint with Personal Data Protection Agency.